I have fond memories from my childhood of both parents with old Canon SLR film cameras slung across their shoulders and tromping through the woods in search for an adventure.  I was eventually gifted with a little 110 film camera that sported a cube flash on top and having strong aspirations to earn enough money to eventually get a SLR of my own.


Today, I have long progressed beyond the little 110, but that love for seeking out a new perspective and a perfectly composed landscape scene, the thrill in capturing a hint of a smile or wistful stare, or preserving a fleeting moment has not changed.


Allow me to become a part of your world for a short while so I may record the milestones in your life; the quirkiness as your children grow, your graduating senior, those four-legged friends that capture your heart, and even your professional and serious side. 

Additionally, my love for our natural and built environment has translated into a love for photographing architecture and landscapes.  

Whether your session is indoors or out, we'll be sure to find the best place and capture those memories for years to come.

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